Parents, have you ever heard of a Juul? Hint: It’s not the shiny little ornament in a necklace or bracelet.

Juul is an increasingly popular device used in vaping, the act of inhaling aerosol (or what teens call “vapor”) from an electronic cigarette. It can be very harmful to your health – and definitely should be avoided by young persons.

An alarming fact is that vaping has increased by nearly 900 percent among high school students in recent years, according to New Scientist magazine. In addition, research shows that 40 percent of high school students have tried a vape at some point.

A vape brand, Juul has become so widespread that many high schoolers now refer to vaping as “Juuling.”


How to spot it

A “Juul” resembles a long USB drive device with a green light placed in the center. Available in a plethora of vinyl skins, Juuls are rechargeable through a USB port on your computer. Juuls and other vapes do not require FDA approval even though the vapor may contain traces of over thirty-one harmful chemicals, including heavy concentrations of nicotine.


Harmful effects

Vaping can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome, asthma attacks, severe allergic reactions, nicotine addiction, and even potential third-degree burns from battery explosions. Be pro-active and encourage an open dialogue with your children about the negative impact of vaping. Educate them about the dangers of Juuls and vaping – and discourage them from experimenting or ever using.

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