About Our Program

Center Point is a SACS-accredited non-profit organization. We offer classes to high school students through released-time education, a system whereby students are released from school for the purpose of independent education.

Our mission is simple: provide a safe and welcoming environment to engage students in critically thinking about religion and faith and the combination of their impact on society.


Ethics 101

Business Ethics

Bible +Pop Culture

Personal Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is released-time education legal?
Released-time religious education is legal. However, the same does not hold true for every program instituted by a state or local school district. In order for a program to be constitutional, certain general requirements must first be met. First, the program must avoid the use of public funds. This applies both to its implementation and to its maintenance. Second, it must exist and operate outside of the public school facilities. Third, the program should avoid being promoted, endorsed, or otherwise favored (e.g., through recruitment, registration, etc.) by the public school and its faculty.
How does your program differ from that of other released-time programs?
Before we speak concerning the merits of our program, let us first say that unlike many organizations offering religion courses via released-time education, ours is fully accredited (SACS-CASI). Because of this, we are held to a higher standard than most competing organizations and the integrity of our program is regularly monitored.

Our courses stand out from many others in that we do not stress individual denominational doctrine, but approach our subjects academically and as objectively as possible. The purpose of our program is not to indoctrinate, but, as stated in our mission, to engage students in critically thinking about religion and faith and the combination of their impact on society.

How is Center Point’s released-time program funded?
Our program is funded by various churches, individuals, and private foundations. You can support our program by clicking on the donate button to the right.
Are your instructors qualified to teach such courses?
Yes. All of our instructors hold degrees in related fields (e.g., biblical studies, religious studies, etc.).
Does any particular church sponsor you?
The following churches support us financially: Chestnut Presbyterian, First Baptist Gainesville, First Presbyterian Gainesville, First United Methodist Gainesville, Grace Episcopal, Pine Crest Baptist, St. Michael Catholic, and St. Paul United Methodist. If you know of any church that would like to support us in our mission to educate, please have them contact us for more information.

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