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Executive Director


The Executive Director insures adherence to the mission while either conducting, supervising, directing or assigning all aspects of

  • executive leadership to partner with senior managers and Board of Directors
  • personnel supervision including job descriptions, training and outcomes
  • development, execution & evaluation of strategic and business plans
  • policy & procedure development, including risk management tactics
  • program operations, quality standards, consumer satisfaction and compliance
  • business operations, financial and facility management and resource development
  • community relations, collaborative initiatives, public relations and marketing



  • An applicable Bachelor degree with a preference for an appropriate Master degree
  • Prefer at least IO years of applicable professional work experience and at least 5 years of applicable leadership experience, preferably in a nonprofit
  • Experience with executive duties that include planning, tracking and evaluating progress, ongoing development and assessment of effective program and operations, use of data for decision making, proficient in change management, as well as the ability to promote productivity and outcomes, morale and service delivery within available resources and capacity.


Supervised by:

The Executive Director is appointed by and responsible to the Board of Directors

Leadership Attributes & Competencies:

  • accessible
  • accountable
  • adaptable
  • authentic
  • charismatic
  • decision maker
  • focused
  • humble
  • passionate
  • personnel savvy
    • process-oriented
    • influential
    • stable
    • strategic
    • visionary

Physical Functions:

The ability to physically handle any need or situation that might arise on center premises which could include the full range of physical tasks including lifting and carrying.

Mental Functions:

The ability to handle the stress of everyday contact with students, parents and staff and volunteers. Job requires skills in identifying and implementing strategies to address needs, barriers, progress, and opportunities for students, families, staff, and the corporation, in general. Written and verbal communication skills are essential. Must show mature leadership in problem solving, decision-making and team building. Responsible for integrity and sound judgment in areas of confidentiality and all legal, ethical and policy areas of corporation and center operations.


  1. Personnel Management & Supervision and Program Management
    1. Authority to hire, terminate, evaluate, discipline and supervise staff and to delegate hiring, supervision, evaluation, & discipline responsibilities to subordinate supervisors
    2. Supervision of senior management team in Departments of Program Development, Prevention, Religious Education, Mentoring, and Counseling, as well as executive and support staff with duties in Resource Development, Administrative Services and/or Office Management. Responsible for overall direction, coordination, communication, performance appraisal, team work and team building, recognition and routine planning, evaluation and problem solving.
    3. Insure a current organizational structure is documented, and educate staff and board on clarity of roles, authority and expectations for service delivery, compliance and performance outcomes.
    4. Lead, coach, develop and retain a high-performance senior management team; promote professional development for all staff to increase and maintain competency, quality standards, and compliance with regulatory, legal and contractual personnel requirements.
    5. In group and individual work sessions with program, resource development and administrative leadership review priorities, duties, timelines, plans, progress, outcomes, reports, funder mandates, earned-income issues, program evaluation, sufficient resources, volunteer relations, community engagement and compliance with regulatory, grant and accreditation sources.  Conduct routine face-to-face meetings or work sessions, in addition to routine electronic or paper communication.
    6. Oversight of Volunteer Coordination by staff or volunteer(s) with coordinator duties.
    7. Oversight of agency process to use interns for service delivery and for compliance with universities/college criteria for placement, training and participation in their respective intern programs or courses.
  2. Board of Directors – Governance & Nonprofit Corporation Best Practices
    1. In coordination with Executive Committee, prepares board meeting notices, meeting logistics, the agenda and associated resources; attends meetings and collaborates to insure proper meeting minutes and records; Executive Director is also official Corporate Secretary. Understands the corporate Bylaws, educates board members on Bylaws and governance best practices and promotes compliance.
    2. Support Board Development duties of member recruitment, orientation of board member roles and responsibilities for new members and ongoing training and support to all members.
    3. Guide the relevant and effective work of board standing and special committees by providing oversight, advisement, resources, timelines and data to promote effective and satisfying experiences for board volunteers, and to insure governance is functional and beneficial to the agency’s mission.
    4. Attend board committee meetings such as Finance Committee (monthly), Executive/Personnel/Policy-Bylaw Committee (Quarterly), and insure other standing committees, such as but not limited to Program Development & Community Engagement, have appropriate support by Executive Director and/or Senior Management or Administrative team members.
    5. Report operations progress, financial status, personnel and program issues, needs, barriers and opportunities, including external issues/conditions that may impact the agency
    6. Insure clarity of roles/duties to conduct Corporate/Agency Special Events, such as the annual honors night, anniversary events, annual meeting, etc.
    7. Participate in annual strategic & business planning, report progress and produce results; insure annual work sessions and/or retreats with staff and board to forecast, plan and evaluate.
    8. Sustain and develop long-term strategic direction and vision
      • Identify strategic opportunities for program expansion into new local, regional and/or national markets; include resource development realities to implement and sustain services.
      • Build relationships with prospective individual, group, corporate and grant donors, as well as with political and community leaders in geographic areas targeted for expansion.
      • Using multi-media forums, deepen and refine all aspects of communication to articulate the Center Point program design and results, aspiring to create a model for regional and  national replication .
  3. Business, Financial, and Facility Management

    Has the power to make rules (not in conflict with the law or board policy) and decide all matters of administrative and supervisory detail in connection with the operation, maintenance and development of the organization

    1. Fiscal Management
      1. Direct preparation of annual budget using collaboration with departments and board of directors, and thereafter insure financial management of approved budget.
      2. Forecast and report financial plans and issues that impact current and future budgets, considering revenue sources, funding mandates, resource development plans and outcomes, program delivery and the goals and objectives in strategic & business plans.
      3. Insure timely financial reports, coordinated with applicable staff and the Board of Directors.
    2. Lead and partner with senior management team to seek and development program strategies that impact earned-income opportunities, such as contracts, sliding scale fees, third party insurance providers and collaborative services; monitor, evaluate, revise, report, and advise staff and board
    3. Insure compliance with local, state, federal, accreditation, contract and other applicable regulatory or authority sources aligned to the service delivery and business operations of the corporation
      1. Such as, but not limited to registrations with Secretary of State and other mandated charitable registrations, HIPAA Privacy and general confidentiality rules/laws, mandated reporting, etc.
      2. Lead SACS-CASI Advanced Ed Accreditation process and compliance, including mid-cycle reports, external team reviews, tracking strategies, progress and execution of required actions and recommendations.
      3. Health, safety and emergency procedures and best practices, which may include development of policies, procedures and training for CPR, First Aid, Active Shooter Drills, weather emergencies, Infection control, and other school or community disasters
    4. Insure assigned accountability or contracts for facility maintenance, such as but not limited to cleaning services, supplies, fixtures, furnishings, fire extinguishers, security systems and monitors, paint, repair, authorized renovations and capital expansion, etc.
    5. Participate in annual financial audit procedures and requirements in partnership with staff who maintain records aligned to audit, and with the Finance and/or Audit Committee of the Board of Directors; and on a routine basis, conduct financial internal control duties that may include but are not limited to opening mail, coding checks, signing payables, payroll approval; signing reimbursement documents for grants funds
  4. Resource Development
    1. Supervise the Director of Development and provide clear timelines and guidelines for that position to produce an annual fundraising plan, including various types of events and campaigns (letter, scholarship, capital/expansion); participate as team member to insure existing donor nurturing, new donor development, and opportunities for business/corporate sponsorships and partnerships; partner with the Director of Development to create an annual plan specific to individual and corporate donors with forecasts for budget revenue.
    2. Supervise Director of Program Development and Director of Prevention and receive plans and reports on resource development duties, such as but not limited to
      • collaboration with community partners in fund development.
      • grant research, grant writing, grant awards, grant implementation and reporting.
      • United Way applications, presentations, allocations, trends, risks and opportunities.
      • Data that impacts resource development strategies and activities.
    3. Seek from the Board of Directors proper authorization for fund raising campaigns or events, including capital development or expansion activities or campaigns.
    4. Lead strategies with the Board of Directors for maintenance and development of supporting churches, including formal request forms and presentations, & ongoing communication.
    5. Insure school system earned income is sustained through excellent relationship building, appropriate negotiations, defined services, proper reporting and ongoing communication.
    6. Annually initiate board and staff team planning and implementation of strategies to expand revenue while simultaneously retiring building debt
    7. Leader in individual and corporate donor development, relationship-building and solicitation. insure strategies for identifying new donor prospects, tactics for individualized solicitation,   matching influencers for “the ask” as needed and then follow-up, proper recognition and retention activities
  5. Community Relations, Public Relations & Marketing
    1. Represent the organization as its chief executive officer in dealings with other organizations, individuals and the general public, or assign staff leadership as applicable.
    2. Insure that strategic and/or business plans include components and staff accountability forpublic awareness of agency purpose and services; promote and monitor ongoing good public relations and effective community engagement by staff, board and volunteers.
    3. Provide priorities, timelines and reporting requirements to the Director of Program Development who is the agency liaison to a contracted marketing firm, when funding for such outside professional services are authorized; confirm contractual service fees aligned to actual services delivered; in the absence of contracted marketing services, assign related duties


  • Oversight of Alcohol Prevention Initiative (API), including supervision of API Coordinator
  • Engaged in the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), a substance abuse initiative
  • Member of the United Way of Hall County’s Education Initiative Committee
  • Member of University of North Georgia’s Human Services Department Advisory Committee
  • Member of Drug Free Coalition Steering Committee and Co-Chair of Youth/Adult Action Committee

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