Ethics 101

This course will help you explore your personal beliefs about current topics that affect our society. Traditionally the study of ethics seeks to answer the question “What should I do? Is this right or wrong?” This course offers you an opportunity to delve deeper than the belief that choices are either right or wrong. Instead, this class will use ethical decision-making models and your critical thinking skills to create responsible and respectful dialogue about societal issues.

Prerequisite: 10th-12th grade

Business Ethics

Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to develop business-leadership and job-readiness skills. Through exposure to potential ethical challenges in the workplace, students will explore how to successfully navigate challenges in an ethical manner. You will build business, leadership, and job-related skills, and alongside your class, you will create and run a business during class time.

Prerequisite: Ethics 101
Prerequisite: 10th-12th grade

Bible +Pop Culture

This course will help you make the connection between Biblical principles, scriptures, and current events. You will have the opportunity to learn about spiritual topics like faith, grief, hope, love, and prayer through a variety of approaches such as reading, painting, visual arts and class discussion. We will seek to answer the question “What would Jesus do and say about this issue or topic?”

Prerequisite: 10th-12th grade

Personal Growth

This course gives you an opportunity to increase your self-awareness, examine personal relationships, increase understanding of life experiences, build job skills, improve social and communication skills, learn about mental health, and explore spiritual development through a variety of approaches including reading, visual, and creative arts.

Prerequisite: 10th-12th grade

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