Center Point Teaching Awareness and Protection Against Youth Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking is not just a big city problem. It can happen anywhere – even in Gainesville-Hall County. Just recently, for example, there was a highly publicized sex trafficking case in Hall County involving a woman accused of trafficking a teenage girl.

To help educate students and adults about this terrible problem, Center Point offers a sex trafficking education program.

“Not a Number” is the name of our five-module interactive curriculum that was developed by Love146 in consultation with education experts in the field of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. It is designed to teach vulnerable youth how to protect themselves through information, critical thinking and skill development.

The content is presented in a manner that inspires young people to make safe choices. They are encouraged to utilize healthy support systems focusing on respect, empathy, individual strengths, and the relationship between personal and societal pressures that create or increase vulnerabilities.

The curriculum was developed for ages 12-18 and is applicable across all gender, ethnic, and social economic backgrounds. Topic modules include:

  • an introduction to human trafficking and exploitation
  • culture and society
  • red flags and relationships
  • vulnerabilities and resilience
  • reducing risky behavior
  • getting help as needed

Not a Number is currently included in our Ethics classes. We also offer this program on an as-needed basis when community concerns arise from local incidents such as this most recent case in Hall County.

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