When it comes to helping young people succeed, education experts and nonprofits agree that mentorship is the key to building a brighter future for high school students. Mentorship gives students the opportunity to gain self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and strengthen their community relationships. Mentorship also reduces serious risks like homelessness, suspension, teen pregnancy, and lack of academic confidence that could prevent students from graduating high school.

Our Center Point Mentor Program recently conducted a survey among 120 high school students in Gainesville/Hall County who were assigned a mentor during the 2016-2017 school year. Students who were surveyed reported seeing the following levels of improvement in five key areas of their lives thanks to their mentor:

  • Academics: 94%
  • School Attendance: 96%
  • Behavior: 96%
  • Relationships: 95%
  • Happiness at School: 97%

At Center Point, we are so thankful for our Mentors! If you would like to join our team of Mentors and make a lasting impact on our community, please contact Marie Davis at 678-997-1990 or marie.davis@centerpointga.org. We are happy to conduct one-on-one training or set up a group training.

Please join us on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 as we host an afternoon Continuing Education Seminar for all Mentors and potential Mentors. The Hall County Chamber of Commerce will train on opportunities for workforce development, and some incredible guest speakers will share more information on programs that benefit our mentees. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting event!

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