Wilheit Services

A department of CP Counseling

Wilheit Services, named after Jane Eve and Tom Wilheit, provides Hall County students and families with quality and affordable counseling services. Our goal is to offer emotional support and to equip individuals, couples, families, and students with the tools they need to successfully move through life.

For more information about Wilheit Services, please contact Lynn Roth, MA/LPC. She is a licensed professional counselor at Center Point Counseling and serves as the main contact for the Wilheit Services program. As the Wilheit Services Program Coordinator she is responsible for supervising the Wilheit interns.

Lynn Roth, MA/LPC

Lynn Roth, MA/LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

Lynn Roth, MA/LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Center Point Counseling. Lynn is compassionate, flexible and motivated to help individuals, couples and families solve the challenges they face so that they can reduce stress, unlock creativity, and experience more fulfillment in life.

Lynn specializes in women’s issues, infertility, adoption, addiction, and severe and persistent mental illness. Her other areas of specialty include child development, parenting and trauma. Lynn also works with couples and individuals in a variety of areas including conflict resolution, interpersonal growth and finding one’s purpose in life.


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